Serious creativity

Here are some interesting ideas; what if creativity was a logical, analytical process? What if creativity could be learned, or your existing creative skills practiced and improved? Edward De Bono says all of this is possible and in Serious Creativity he tells you how. For me, a logical, analytical kind of person who doesn't consider... [Read More]
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Getting started with Roslyn

I heard about Roslyn recently. No, not the Rosslyn from the Da Vinci Code, Microsoft Roslyn, the project which exposes the C#/VB compiler APIs allowing all kind of code analysis, generation and refactoring goodness, amongst other things. Interesting stuff. It took me a while to get going with Roslyn so thought I'd... [Read More]
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DDD North 2012

I had a cracking day at DDD North so thought I'd write up some of my thoughts on the talks I attended.10 practices that made me the developer I am todayGarry Shutler presented this talk. It struck a chord with me, particularly his experience of leaving university without a bunch of fairly important skills.... [Read More]

Book review - Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

If Mountain Biking The Manual was the starter, Mastering Mountain Bike Skills would be the main course. I re-read this book recently and I think it's fair to say I'd completely forgotten how good it was. As with The Manual, it's jam packed full of incredibly useful information that is very well explained. But... [Read More]

Book review - Mountain Biking The Manual

Mountain Biking The Manual does what it says on the tin. It is absolutely packed with information. In 255 pages it covers subjects like a brief history of mountain biking, equipment, training, psychology, crashing, recovery and competition. And that's just to start with. The meat for me is the mountain... [Read More]