Other people's code - Suteki Shop

It occurred to me a while ago it would be a good idea to have a dig through some open source code. Why? Primarily because in the last few years I've spent the majority of my time working on two codebases, one at home and the other at work. I feel very... [Read More]
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Learning 2D in Unity3D

In the past few months I’ve been teaching myself how to use the Unity3D game engine, partly because I’ve always wanted to write a game and partly because I wanted to learn something very different from web development. I thought it would be useful to share the resource helped me. My focus... [Read More]
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DDD North 2013

The third ever DDD North was every bit as good as the first two. I saw five great talks, chatted to lots of people but unfortunately didn't win anything.Making 3D Games With MonoGame - Richard Garside (code)This was an introduction to MonoGame, an open source implementation of XNA which is also cross platform. It covered importing... [Read More]

Making your code easier to review

Code reviews are great. Personally I believe there are many good reasons to do code reviews regularly. Fortunately where I work they are actively encouraged. Unfortunately we don't have a nice tool, like Crucible, to make things a bit easier. SVN log viewer is as good as it gets. This makes code reviews... [Read More]