Was university a waste of time?

I was at university for a fairly long time. Well, I think it was a long time anyway. Don't misunderstand me, I wasn't one of these people who started three different courses and finished none. My bachelor degree was four years, which included a placement, then I went on to... [Read More]

Why I like code reviews

A while ago one of my colleagues suggested we started using Kiln. If you haven't heard of Kiln, check it out now, it's a version control system build on top of Mercurial. I really cannot recommend Kiln, and the associated bug tracking software FogBugz, highly enough. Anyway, I was initially dubious, what was... [Read More]
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Why blog?

Why blog? Is this what everyone's first post is about? Probably. What's the point? Will anyone read it? All questions I imagine people consider.For me the greatest benefit is that the process of writing something down helps clarify it. When something floats around in my head there's always gaps, things I haven't... [Read More]