Some things I didn't know about Notepad++

Notepad++ has been my text editor of choice for a number of years now. It's got a lot more features now than when I first started using it. I've not really kept track of the additions so I thought it was about time had a good look to see what's... [Read More]
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Teesside basketball league

What? The Teesside basketball league (TBL) site stores all the information vital to the smooth running of the Teesside basketball league. It records team information (including match day, tip off time, venue and contact details), league standings, news, fixtures, match results, team statistics, player statistics and generally makes the world... [Read More]
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Saving foreign keys in Entity Framework 4.1

ProblemI've recently experienced a few issues using the Entity Framework. I'm not ashamed to admit I swore in it's general direction on several occasions. This particular problem was updating foreign key fields (called navigation properties in the Entity Framework). I still haven't entirely decided whether Entity Framework is the problem or I'm... [Read More]

Easy form filler for developer testing

For the last few weeks I've been on the look out for some kind of application that will fill out HTML forms. This is purely for testing purposes. There's nothing more annoying that having to repeatedly fill out long forms in order to test some functionality. I wanted something that was no... [Read More]

CSS border-radius and background problem

I think I'm a fairly typical developer in that doing front end work is something I'm not very good at and simply have to put up with. That being the true I normally wouldn't bother blogging about it. But in this case I came across an odd problem which confused... [Read More]