The yield keyword is one of those things in C# that I thought was very complicated and difficult to understand. I grasped that it was used for creating iterators, but after looking at examples of it's usage I was still confused. Turns out there was something I was missing; when... [Read More]
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Book review - Bad Science

To say Bad Science is an interesting book would be an understatement. It's absolutely fascinating. But not only that it's also very enlightening. If you have ever read any articles by Ben Goldacre it's quite familiar ground. Homeopathy, the placebo effect, nutritionists, Gillian McKeith, medicine in the media and health scares are a few of... [Read More]
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Side projects

I've no doubt that many other people have written about this (in fact I sometimes wonder if it's possible to write about a topic that nobody else has already written about) but I think having programming side projects is very important. The chief reason for me is experience. I imagine... [Read More]
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Morning pages

What it's all aboutMorning pages is a technique I discovered when reading Pragmatic Thinking and Learning. The idea is to write three pages, by hand, about whatever is in your head first thing in the morning before you do anything else. The idea is to tap into the right side of your... [Read More]