Using variables with Seleium IDE

Testing part of the application I work on involves filling out a fairly long registration form. I've been using Selenium IDE to make my life easier but I still have to change a few fields before I can submit the form. I.e. Email and username, because they must be unique.... [Read More]

Bad times with Entity Framework and WCF

I recently wanted to make some data from a .NET MVC website I built some time ago available externally via a web service. After a little research I decided WCF was the way to go and set about creating a test service class that would return some data which was accessed using... [Read More]

Simple feature toggles in .NET 4

The problemWhere I currently work we use continuous integration. When software is in development this doesn't cause any problems. Just commit, it doesn't matter if you break something or add a new feature. When your software is live, it's a whole different story, everything becomes a bit scarier. Assuming you release... [Read More]

How to be a programmer

It's all in the title really. How to be a programmer: a short, comprehensive, and personal summary is a short essay by Robert L. Read on how to be a programmer. It covers beginner, intermediate and advanced skills and breaks each one down into smaller areas such as personal skills, team skills,... [Read More]

Some thoughts on mocking

I find the mocking is one of the most tricky parts of unit testing. Where I work we use Moq which is a nice, simple mocking framework. It may not be as powerful as some of the commercial frameworks but it does the job. Roy Osherove suggests that a single unit test should only... [Read More]